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Understanding Personality Types At Work

Knowing (and making the most of) the differences between colleagues is good for business!


Do you recognize these people?

The Know-It-Alls, having an opinion on any issue. The Passives, who never offer ideas. The Dictators, coming across as bullies. The No People, quick to point out why something won’t work. The Complainers, who would rather complain than try finding solutions.

They’re the people you work with …

What does personality have to do with it? Everything!

Knowing and accepting the differences between the people you work with – and making the most of those differences – isn’t just good for the individuals concerned, it’s good for business too!


Personality is who we are and why we behave the way we do.


Take a closer look at what it means to be a Red, Yellow, Blue or Green personality type, and how to improve relationships with others if you know their STRENGTHS and SWAKHEDE ken.


Elke onderneming en organisasie benodig die natuurlik gebore ROOI LEIER, die borrelende ENERGIEKE GEEL, die VREEDSAME GROEN, wat seker maak als gaan goed met almal en die bedagsame detailgeoriënteerde BLOU PERFEKSIONISTE. 


Dit ís moontlik vir die verskillende temperamente om beter met mekaar te KOMMUNIKEER, KONFLIK te vermy, sterker werksverhoudinge te bou en meer DOELTREFFEND saam te werk.


Of jy ’n BESTUURDER, TOESIGHOUER, SPANLEIER of MEDEWERKER is – om jou sterkpunte én beste werksmetodes te ken en te verstaan, sal help om produktiwiteit te verbeter.













Video Session 1 – Be empowered by knowing what makes you tick

Discover the keys of knowing yourself and others to be a better boss, co-worker, spouse, parent, and friend. Learn to implement the STOP… PAUSE… REACT mode of thinking.

Video Session 2 – People Are Wired Differently and That’s Okay

It’s important to note that everybody is a unique blend of the four temperaments, with one colour usually being dominant. That is your primary colour.


Video Session 3 – The general characteristics of Popular Yellow

Connect with Yellow personalities by focusing on fun! The Yellow Temperament is usually very outgoing, upbeat, and lovable. But also, practice being quiet and stop your on-going talking – and reach your deeper inner wisdom.

Video Session 4 – Popular Yellow’s communicating style

Don’t hold back compliments when communicating with Yellow Yellows truly struggle to focus, and you must keep that in mind when you need their attention for long periods of time.

Video Session 5 – Yellow’s areas for growth

Set boundaries for yourself and others, and excel Know that it’s okay to say no. It’s not necessary for EVERYBODY to like you. You must learn how to set boundaries for yourself and others.




Video Session 6 – Create a better relationship dynamic with a Yellow Personality

Improve relationship by appreciating Yellow’s need for appropriate fun Make sure Yellow’s emotional needs are met. They require approval, attention, and affection. Therefore, be generous with authentic praise and compliments.

Video Session 7 – The general characteristics of Powerful Red

Raving Red is a natural leader and well represented amongst leading businesspeople and manufacturers. Unfortunately, they are also amongst the best-known dictators worldwide.


Video Session 8 – Powerful Red’s communicating style

Don’t change their style – help them avoid aggression Raving Red has a particularly harsh communication style. But because Red is rational, insight into their personality, could result in meaningful change.

Video Session 9 – Red’s areas for growth

Teamwork will let others’ tolerance to rub off Powerful Red can change the world – this has been proven. But they often leave a trail of destruction along the path.



Video Session 10 – Create a better relationship dynamic with a Red Personality

Express gratitude, and loyalty and win Red’s heart If you are a co-worker, spouse, or friend of a Raving Red person, take a few deep breaths and consciously relax your muscles before you address them.

Video Session 11 – The general characteristics of Peaceful Green

 “Don’t worry, be happy” is Green’s motto for life Green temperaments usually get along with everybody, just as long as you don’t criticize them or expect them to do anything at a fast pace.

Video Session 12 – Peaceful Green’s communicating style

Green’s opinion could open up a gold mine! Greens don’t like being forced into making decisions, taking responsibility, or doing anything hasty. They like peace and quiet and can’t be bothered by shouting.

Video Session 13 – Green’s areas for growth

If Green is happy, believe it Compromise is Green’s way of handling conflict and avoiding pressure – two of their fears. Change and conflict are components of a meaningful life – learn to handle it.

Video Session 14 – Create a better relationship dynamic with a Green Personality

Green’s most basic desires are peace and quiet Build better relationships with Greens by putting them on the hospitality committee. Ask them to help to calm others and thank them for their stability


Video Session 15 – The general characteristics of Perfect Blue

As perfectionists with analytical brains, details matter Perfect Blue, the ultimate planner who does not tolerate mistakes. They are poor workmates, as they expect too much from others. Rather learn to relax.

Video Session 16 – Perfect Blue’s communicating style

One-on-one communication, meaningful and in-depth conversations are key If you have a Blue colleague, friend or spouse, let them know that you care about their feelings and opinions. Ask for their opinion and solutions.

Video Session 17 – Blue’s areas for growth

Strike a balance between zero defect and brilliance Blues don’t like the spotlight. It takes time for them to trust. If you appreciate their need for high standards, they will make sacrifices for you.



Video Session 18 – Create a better relationship dynamic with a Blue Personality

Encourage and strengthen them by setting realistic goals Rely on Blue temperaments’ sincere hearts to help their co-workers and family members solve problems. Earn their trust and respect and they will remain loyal.

Video Session 19 – Appreciating our differences makes for meaningful relationships

Everybody is a unique blend of the four temperaments, with one colour usually being dominant. Knowing who you are, means that you can be yourself.

Video Session 20 – Step out of your comfort zone and grow!

See your unique characteristics as a link to growth and new life. Then you’ve taken the first step towards greater maturity and a fulfilled life.


Knowing what working methods get the best out of you, boost productivity.


According to the Temperament Model, people belong to four temperaments, being Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic. Colours are used when explaining the temperaments. Sanguine – Yellow, Choleric – Red, Phlegmatic – Green, and Melancholic – Blue. The Four-Colour Temperament Model helps to know yourself and others. How strengths and weaknesses can be utilized to achieve the best outcome.


Personality can be the mortar that holds the team together or the chisel that tears it apart. Members of the team must be able to work and engage together. Businesses and organisations require the Red leaders, the energetic Yellows, the Peaceful Greens and the detail-orientated Blue Perfectionists.


Group discussions, facilitated by an experienced presenter, could send your organizational culture to the next level. If colleagues have a more participative role in the training, they’ll feel more empowered – something they’ll carry with them beyond the training and into their daily behaviours.


A workbook is included for participants to make notes during the training. Notes can help with focus and staying engaged while watching videos, keeping records, and thinking critically about what is learnt. The workbook is designed so that you can easily print it before the training day.


Lynette Beer

Relationship expert, life coach & author

Lynette Beer presented numerous talks around the globe, with an international public speaking highlight held in Time Square, New York & London. Based on the proven methodology she uses, more than 25 years’ experience and game-changing training to well-known companies, she is credible, fun and unique. Lynette has been announced as Businesswoman of the Year 2016 awarded by The South African Council for Businesswomen.

Lucia Dramat

Radio presenter, life coach & author

As a facilitator, event host and organiser, TV presenter, public speaker, radio presenter and blogger, every single avenue has been another opportunity for Lucia Dramat to encourage and motivate people. It was a natural progress for her to become a life coach and develop offerings that captured the concepts that have stirred her and those who have turned to her for clarity, support, and encouragement.

Understanding Personality Types At Work

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